Complete Software Solution for Hotels..

I BOOKED Online Reservation System (ORS) is a system which can be easily integrated into the website of the hotel with the aim of organizing on-site communication and reservations that will come via internet.

I BOOKED ORS helps to form and improve your corporate identity.
You decide the shape of panels with the flexible substructure of I BOOKED ORS.

I BOOKED increases the hotels competitiveness thanks to price comparison feature with the equivalent hotels.

I BOOKED ORS is integrated with the Channel Management System. Also, I BOOKED programmed to work together with the Facebook. I BOOKED ORS has ‘on request’ option that gives you an opportunity to think all the alternative ways before rejecting a reservation request. Thanks to the system, you can see the pages that the guests consentrated in and spend their time. So, you can generate instant applications and promotions with the I BOOKED. I BOOKED ORS includes 19 different languages and 93 different currencies options with the aim of expanding your customer portfolio.